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The Med Sled Vertical Lift Rescue Sled provides all the functionality of conventional CASEVAC/Tactical Evacuation Care methods with a less complicated and more durable system. The VLR system is designed for confined spaces that is great at vertical and horizontal lifting. Allowing for extractions in more compact or tighter environments.

Med Sled® uses the ‘roll and drag’ method, which ensures heavy lifting is not required. Anyone can use this product with a minimal amount of training. The design of the Med Sled allows for anyone to transport up to 2-3 times their weight.

The VLR is built for fast loading, easy dragging, and (if needed) horizontal lifting to get over rough terrain.

Benefits & Features:

  • Fast Deployment
    • No assembly required
    • Integrated Hoist System for quick lifting (pre-assembled)
    • Requires minimum deployment training
    • Includes Rapid Deployment Bag
  • Lightweight
    • 17.2 lb. (10 lb. sled only)
    • Few components enabling immediate deployment
  • Strong, Durable
    • Utilizes high-density polyethylene, a more durable material
    • 9,000 lb. rated perimeter tether secures the warfighter and expedites the evac process
    • Utilizes 4,000 lb. rated cross straps with side release buckles for ease of use
    • DeCon capable
  • Integrated Hoist System
    • Capable of Vertical and Horizontal Lift
    • Hoist system rated to 9,000 lb.
    • Helicopter hoist straps included with every sled
    • No assembly required at time of extraction and vertical lifting

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