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The Rock Exotica rockD ANSI Stainless carabiner is the right choice for a strong compact carabiner that is tough enough for the harshest of environments. The narrow, asymmetric "D" shape concentrates the load along the spine, which maximizes the strength of the carabiner along the major axis.

Not only is the frame of the rockD Stainless carabiner made from stainless steel, but also the components within the carabiner. Each piece of the carabiner will resist corrosion far beyond the equivalent materials found in other non-stainless carabiners. The carabiner is available with an ANSI auto-locking gate openings:

  • ANSI Z359.12-2009 Auto-Lock: A three stage automatic locking carabiner. This gate required three motions to open like a non-ANSI Z359.12-2009 carabiner but is much stronger. The ANSI gate adds improved minimum strength to the gate of the carabiner. For an ANSI gate, the gate must meet a minimum breaking strength of 16 kN (3,600 lbs) when a load is applied to the gate face, side loading of the gate, and minor access. Before this version of the ANSI standard, the carabiner only had to withstand a gate face load of 1kN (220 lbs), gate side load of 1.55kN (350 lbs).

The Rock Exotica ANSI Stainless carabiner is available with and without a removable steel lanyard pin. The lanyard pin version uses a removable pin to hold a webbing lanyard in position which prevents it from rotating around the carabiner.

RockD Stainless Characteristics

  • Narrow asymmetric "D" shape optimizes minimum breaking strength (MBS)
  • High strength-to-weight ratio in standard size carabiner
  • Snag-resistant keylock nose design
  • Large and ergonomic angled gate opening
  • All stainless-steel parts
  • CNC machined frame ensures tight tolerances and smooth operation


  • Rock Exotica RockD ANSI 3-Stage Auto Lock Carabiner
    • Major Axis MBS: 40kN
    • Gate Opening: 23.5mm (0.93 inch)
    • Weight: 263g (9.28 oz)
    • Certification: ANSI Z359.12
  • Rock Exotica RockD ANSI 3-Stage Auto Lock Carabiner with Lanyard Pin
    • Major Axis MBS: 40kN
    • Gate Opening: 23.5mm (0.93 inch)
    • Weight: 265g (9.3 oz)
    • Certification: ANSI Z359.12