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The rockD is the carabiner of choice when seeking the highest strength in a standard-sized aluminum frame. The carabiner is designed in a 'D' shape. This shape moves the weight of a load towards the solid spine and away from the weaker gate opening. This results in a stronger carabiner compared with other shapes. The carabiner is available with 4 different types of gate openings:

  • Auto-Lock: A three stage automatic locking carabiner. This gate required three motions to open. This is our prefered type of carabiner since it is easy to open and prevents gates being accidently left unlocked.
  • ORCA-Lock: The ORCA-Lock carabiner is a unique Rock Exotica product. It works like a three stage automatic locking carabiner but also has a special function. The gate can be set in an unlocked position but after connected works as a three stage automatic locking carabiner. This is useful in sitations where the carabiner must be kept available for easy use but is not being used as a load bearing component.
  • Screw-Lock: A screw lock carabiner is the classic locking gate. It has a screw locking mechanism that is turned by hand to lock or unlock the carabiner. This is very useful in situations where the carabiner must be opened and closed repeatedly such as during rigging. It is also useful in tactical situations since manipulating the gate is silent.
  • Twist-Lock: A two stage automatic locking carabiner. This gate requires two motions to open. This carabiner is not as secure as a three stage automatic locking carabiner but is faster to use. The ease of use can be useful when used in some work at heigh situations.

The rockD is available in a lanyard and non-lanyard version. The lanyard version uses a removable pin to hold a webbing lanyard in position. This version of the rockD carabiner has a smooth round shape.

The non-lanyard version of the Rock Extotica rockD carabiner uses a flattened profile. It has an I-beam shapre at the top and bottom of the carabiner. This allows the carabiner weight to be lowered while still retaining high strength.

RockD Characteristics

  • Narrow asymmetric "D" shape optimizes minimum breaking strength (MBS)
  • High strength-to-weight ratio in standard size carabiner
  • Snag-resistant keylock nose design
  • Large and ergonomic angled gate opening
  • CNC machined frame ensures tight tolerances and smooth operation


  • RockD 3-Stage Auto Lock
    • Major Axis MBS: 29kN
    • Minor Axis MBS: 11kN
    • Open MBS: 9kN
    • Gate Opening: 24mm (.95inch)
    • Weight: 80g (2.85oz)
    • Colors: Red, Black
    • Certification: CE, EN12275, EN362, UIAA121

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