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The Rock Exotica Machined Pulley is designed as the perfect rope pulley. The side plates are manufactured from a solid block of 7075-T6 aluminum. They are CNC machined to remove all extra material that is not needed. This makes the pulley very light weight without effecting it's strength. The pulley is available in single sheave and double sheave versions.

NOTE: The Machined Pulley is also available in a smaller Mini Machined Pulley version designed for a maximum 13mm rope diameter.

  • Pulley designed with prusik minding (PMP) sideplates for safe use with a prusik rope.
  • The aluminum sheave of the pulley is constructed with sealed ball bearings to keep the pulley as efficient as possible.
  • The pulley axle screw is recessed into the side plates. This makes the side of the pulley flat to prevent it from snagging.
  • Machined parts create a stronger pulley increasing the strength-to-weight ratio.
  • The axle is machined out of the side plate. The bearing and sheave sit on the side plate of the pulley, not on the axle.
  • Machining the pulley allows the use of a larger rope in a smaller size pulley.
  • Large carabiner hole to allow multiple carabiners to be attached.
  • Individual serial number
  • Max Rope Diameter: 13mm
  • Strength: 36kN
  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 8kN
  • Certifications: CE EN12278
  • Single Pulley
    • Weight: 144g (5.1oz)