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Kask Ear Defenders are designed for use on a helmet with a bayonet adapter slot on the side. The bayonet adapter fits the universal 30mm euro slot. The Ear Defender is adjustable in length to fit different size heads. The body of the Ear Defender is non-conductive so will not conduct electricity. The Ear Defenders are certified for use with KASK helmets.

The Ear Defenders come in three protection levels.

Green SC1 Earmuffs

  • For use in general industrial work areas.
  • Suitable for situations with a low to medium noise level (dB) and with medium to high frequency.

Yellow SC2 Earmuffs

  • The best choice for high frequency noise situations.
  • Suitable for environments with a medium to high level of noise (dB).
  • Suitable for a wide variety of uses such as building and construction, forestry use and industrial areas.

Orange SC3 Earmuffs

  • The best choice for low frequency noise situations.
  • Suitable for extremely noisy environments such as airports, car racing, and using pneumatic drills.

Standards: CE EN 352 / ANSI S3.19 / CSA

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