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Product Type: Aluminum Carabiner
Vendor: Climbing Technology

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The Climbing Technology Concept SGL HC is a hot-forged light alloy HMS screwgate carabiner. It is designed with an Anti-Cross Loading (ACL) system to prevent the carabiner from rotating when attached. The round top bar is designed to allow rope to smoothly flow across the carabiner when used with delay devices or Munter Hitches.

Main characteristics:

  • Recommended for use with belay devices and for use with a Munter Hitch.
  • Double T-Beam construction for optimal strength to weight ratio.
  • Designed for easy grip in the hand.
  • Rounded nose where the gate closes to avoid catching on equipment when clipping or unclipping.
  • ACL system to prevent cross loading.
  • Hard coat anodizing to provide long life under intensive use.
  • Strength:
    • Gate Closed: 23kN
    • Gate Open: 8kN
    • Minor Axis: 10kN
  • Gate Opening: 21mm
  • Weight: 77g
  • Certifications: EN 12275:2013-H, EN362-2004-A/T, CE 0333, UIAA
  • Made In Italy.