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Product Type: Aluminum Carabiner
Vendor: Climbing Technology

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  • Autolock Gate: Safe self locking gate requires three movements to open and locks closed automatically.
  • CE Certification: Testing performed by an independant lab to ensure the product meets the appropriate specification.
  • Certification: Certified to EN 362 - Personal Fall Protection Equipment - Connectors

The Climbing Technology Big is a large sized light alloy directional snap hook. It is ideal as a terminal connector for lanyards. The Big uses a two stage locking mechanism requiring a rear level to be depressed before the gate can be opened. The Big has a very large 60mm opening for connection to large anchor points such as metal structures, pipes, cables, and bars.

  • Size: 235x110mm
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 25 kN
  • Weight: 455g
  • Gate Opening: 60mm
  • Standards: EN 362:2004-A/T, CE0333
  • Proof Load: Tested to 12kN
  • Country of Origin: Italy