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Aries Tree Helmet

The Climbing Technology Aries Tree is a ventilated helmet compliant with the EN 12492 standard, developed for mountaineering, tree climbing and mountain rescue services. Main characteristics Ergonomic design for great...
2,681.00 ฿

Pillar Pro TGL Carabiner

The Pillar TGL is a hot-forged light aluminum carabiner with an oval shape, autolocking gate, and elevated workloads. The carabiner is particularly suitable for work at height, recovery and rope...
802.00 ฿ 762.00 ฿

Duetto Tandem Zipline Pulley

Light alloy twin pulley with fixed side plates. Allows Tyrolean traverses on ropes or cables and it is particularly indicated for use in the adventure parks for zipline. Up to...
1,997.00 ฿

Progrip Plus Glove

Very robust and comfortable leather gloves with ergonomic cut for intensive use. Developed for prolonged use in rope manoeuvres, belaying, abseiling and rescue. Double thickness of natural leather on the...
1,547.00 ฿

Progrip Glove

Light leather gloves whose extremely comfortable ergonomic cut allows you good use of your fingers. Developed for belaying, abseiling and rope work in general. Double thickness of natural leather on...
1,332.00 ฿

RockO Carabiner, Wire Eye

The Rock Exotica rockO aluminum carabiner is based on the traditional oval carabiner. The oval carabiner was the original carbiner design. The rockO carabiner uses this traditional shape but makes...
1,338.00 ฿

Work Tec 140 Harness

Ergonomic harness with two EN 361 attachment points developed for restraint systems and for use in fall arrest systems. Used in combination with the WAIST TEC belt it becomes a...
5,648.00 ฿

Handle Bar for Zippey Trolley

The ISC handle bar can be easily retro-fitted on site, using standard tools. The handle bar is designed to increase user engagement and allows users to maintain a forward facing...
2,497.00 ฿

Zippey Trolley with ARC

Having consulted zipline operators from around the world throughout the development of the Zippey, we have succeeded in incorporating all the positive features needed to overcome the challenges faced by...
9,187.00 ฿