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1.5 Inch Uniform Rappel Belt

Same as the Yates standard Uniform Rappel belt sewn with camlock waist buckle in a narrower 1.5 inch version for pants with smaller belt loops. The belt has a front...
1,849.00 ฿

Air Top Chest Harness

Detachable chest harness that, combined with the Ascent Pro waist harness, becomes a EN 361 rescue harness (mod. AIR ASCENT), ideal for use in hostile environments or with difficult access....
2,828.00 ฿

Anchor Ring

DMM Anchor Rings are simple, functional anchor components that work seamlessly with connectors and textile components. They are ideal when a tamperproof linking component is preferred over opening connectors, such...
684.00 ฿

Ascent Pro Harness

New rescue harness for use in hostile environments or with difficult access. Main characteristics: Padding made from quick-drying breathable mesh. Robust ergonomic structure which ensures optimal lumbar support. Four adjustment...
3,040.00 ฿

Bandit Pro Headlamp

The Bandit Pro is a long-running, sleek headlamp that is USB rechargeable and provides 180 lumens of diffused light that is ideal for up-close tasks. Runs up to 21 hours...
1,435.00 ฿

Canyonator Rope

BlueWater's Canyonator rope was designed in collaboration with Rich Carslon to be a safe and functional rope for canyonerering use. Because of its superior abrasion and ultraviolet light resistance it...
9,075.00 ฿

Ceros Locksafe Carabiner

The Ceros aluminum carabiner is designed specifically to correctly orientate loads. The design adds additional safety for use in rope rescue, rope access, and training students in rappelling. Autolock Gate:...
1,105.00 ฿

Ceros Screwlock Carabiner

DMMs new directional connector, the Ceros, helps align loads in the correct orientation and is simple to use. This added security is achieved with a removable, tamper-resistant captive bar that...
875.00 ฿

Cheese Anchor Plate, Small

A multi-anchor rigging plate made of hot forged light alloy with 3 lower holes. Breaking strength: 30 kN Upper central hole suitable for insertion of up to 3 connectors Size:...
751.00 ฿

Concept SGL HC Carabiner

The Climbing Technology Concept SGL HC is a hot-forged light alloy HMS screwgate carabiner. It is designed with an Anti-Cross Loading (ACL) system to prevent the carabiner from rotating when...
789.00 ฿

Delta V Guiding And Rescue Tool

Conterra designed the ∆V (Delta Vee) for the mountain rescue and sport communities. The ∆V is a unique device which functions as a traditional belay (descender) but also has rope...
2,746.00 ฿

Dynatec 11mm Dyneema Sling

DMMs 11mm Dynatec slings have several advantages over traditional nylon webbing. It has a higher strength-to-weight ratio, is less susceptible to UV degradation and has greater abrasion resistance. This makes...
336.00 ฿