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Axis Swivel

The DMM Axis Swivels have been designed to be smooth, very compact and incredibly strong. The Axis Swivel is made from hot forged CNC machined bodies. They have large bearings...
3,335.00 ฿

Focus Swivel

The DMM Focus is a compact modular swivel with a replaceable shackle on one end and a solid eye on the other. The shackle can be opened for attachment to...
2,726.00 ฿


The Nano is one of the lightest load rated swivels available, and features a thrust bearing to provide a compact form factor. The connection eye uses an integrated rubber o-ring...
3,033.00 ฿

Orbitor Swivel

This compact, low profile swivel is ideal for special uses where a smooth form, minimum size and minimum weight are required. Weight: 99g (3.52 oz) Breaking Strength: 26 kN Working...
2,550.00 ฿

Rotator Shackle Swivel

The Shackle Swivel allows a swivel to be directly connected to an attachment point without the need to use a carabiner. This saves headspace and simplifies rigging. The Shackle Swivel...
3,312.00 ฿

Rotator Swivel

Rock Exotica designed and manufactured the first high quality swivels. Through the years they became more popular as people found more and more uses for them. We make the widest...
2,570.00 ฿

SwivaEye Carabiner

The Rock Exotica SwivaEye carabiner is the integration of Rock Exotica's technically advanced carabiners with our high-efficiency swivels. The frame of the SwivaEye is machined out of a solid block...
3,906.00 ฿

Twirl Swivel

Hot forged light alloy swivel, large size, suited for use with high loads and mounted on an axial ball bearing. Ideal for avoiding rope twisting during load hauling. Strength: 40...
2,250.00 ฿

Twister Swivel

The Climbing Technology Twister is a hot forged light alloy ball bearing swivel. It is ideal for use in situations to avoid the rope twisting while hauling a load. Mounted...
1,829.00 ฿