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Sewn Prusik Loop

Safer and more convenient than tied prusiks. Safer because there is no knot that could become loose. More convenient since there is no bulk of a knot. These are strong...
586.00 ฿

Ascent Pro Harness

New rescue harness for use in hostile environments or with difficult access. Main characteristics: Padding made from quick-drying breathable mesh. Robust ergonomic structure which ensures optimal lumbar support. Four adjustment...
2,855.00 ฿

Axis HMS Carabiner

Large HMS carabiner with wide opening and locking gate, made of hot-forged light alloy, designed for use in mountaineering, recovery manoeuvres and rescue operations. Main characteristics: Shape guarantees correct axial...
725.00 ฿

Nylon Vari-Width Quickdraw

The main sling body has a 26mm diameter, making it easy to grab hold of and pull on when working routes. This tapers to 16mm at either end, to securely...
256.00 ฿

Orbiter M Pulley

Robust and compact light alloy pulley with mobile flanges. Particularly suited for hauling and load deviations. Assembled on self-lubricating bushes. Certifications: EN 12278:2007, CE 0333, UIAA
541.00 ฿

Aerial Pro B HC Carabiner

The Aerial Pro B HC is a hot forged light alloy carabiner. It has a special wear-proof hard coat anodizing to make it incredibly durable. It is ideal for prolonged...
423.00 ฿

Totem Descender

The Rock Exotica Totem was designed to be the most versatile rigging and rappelling tool available. It can function as a rigging plate, an easy-to-lock-off figure 8, sticht plate, auto-blocking...
1,827.00 ฿

Ellipse Prusik

The Ellipse Rope Sling is a bound loop cord suitable for tying friction hitches or as an anchor sling. The The sheath of the Ellipse is made from an aramid...
571.00 ฿

RollNLock Pulley

Ultra-light pulley / rope clamp (only 80 g!) designed for work, rope climbing maneuvers, rescue and self-rescue situations. Main technical features: Mobile side plates for the rope or on sling...
2,376.00 ฿

Pinto Pulley

A beautifully designed pulley with smooth fixed parallel sides and a load bearing becket. The Pinto pulley can be clipped into a carabiner, used with a climbing hitch, or threaded...
195.00 ฿

Extender NY Pro Quickdraw

Ergonomic, robust and durable variable width (25 / 16 mm) polyamide quickdraw sling. Available lengths: 12 cm and 17 cm. Strength: 22 kN
140.00 ฿

Otto Curved Figure 8

Hot-forged light alloy 8-shaped belay / rappel device. For use with single rope, half ropes and twin ropes. The squared shape reduces rope twisting and the curved profile allows two...
410.00 ฿