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Orbiter M Pulley

Robust and compact light alloy pulley with mobile flanges. Particularly suited for hauling and load deviations. Assembled on self-lubricating bushes. Certifications: EN 12278:2007, CE 0333, UIAA
595.00 ฿

Sewn Prusik Loop

Safer and more convenient than tied prusiks. Safer because there is no knot that could become loose. More convenient since there is no bulk of a knot. These are strong...
586.00 ฿

Ascent Pro Harness

New rescue harness for use in hostile environments or with difficult access. Main characteristics: Padding made from quick-drying breathable mesh. Robust ergonomic structure which ensures optimal lumbar support. Four adjustment...
3,040.00 ฿

Axis HMS Carabiner

The Axis is a large HMS aluminum carabiner with a wide opening and locking gate. It is made of hot-forged aluminum light alloy and designed for use in mountaineering, rope...
798.00 ฿

Nylon Vari-Width Quickdraw

The DMM vari-width quickdraw can be used as a short positioning lanyard or an attachment when performing a pickoff rescue. Originally designed for rock climbing and sport it is also...
256.00 ฿

RollNLock Pulley

Ultra-light pulley / rope clamp (only 80 g!) designed for work, rope climbing maneuvers, rescue and self-rescue situations. Main technical features: Mobile side plates for the rope or on sling...
2,610.00 ฿

Otto Big Figure 8 Descender

The Otto Big is an traditional shaped figure 8 descender for rock climbing and sport and any other activity where a basic rappelling or lowering device is needed. Originally designed...
464.00 ฿

Totem Descender

The Rock Exotica Totem was designed to be the most versatile rigging and rappelling tool available. It can function as a rigging plate, an easy-to-lock-off figure 8, sticht plate, auto-blocking...
1,827.00 ฿

Extender NY Pro Quickdraw

Ergonomic, robust and durable variable width (25 / 16 mm) polyamide quickdraw sling. Available lengths: 12 cm and 17 cm. Strength: 22 kN
140.00 ฿

RockO Carabiner, Auto Lock

The Rock Exotica rockO aluminum carabiner is based on the traditional oval carabiner. The oval carabiner was the original carbiner design. The rockO carabiner uses this traditional shape but makes...
934.00 ฿

Aerial Pro B HC Carabiner

The Aerial Pro B HC is a hot forged light alloy carabiner. It has a special wear-proof hard coat anodizing to make it incredibly durable. It is ideal for prolonged...
423.00 ฿

Pillar Pro TGL Carabiner

The Pillar TGL is a hot-forged light aluminum carabiner with an oval shape, autolocking gate, and elevated workloads. The carabiner is particularly suitable for work at height, recovery and rope...
802.00 ฿ 762.00 ฿