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Pinto Rig Pulley

The Pinto Rig single pulley is an incredibly strong compact pulley with fixed side plates. The simplified design of the pulley allows for numerous rigging options for use in arborist...
2,512.00 ฿

Orbiter M Pulley

Robust and compact light alloy pulley with mobile flanges. Particularly suited for hauling and load deviations. Assembled on self-lubricating bushes. Certifications: EN 12278:2007, CE 0333, UIAA
595.00 ฿

Kootenay Ultra Highline Pulley

The Kootenay Ultra is a large multifunction pulley. The large sheave size allows a knotted rope to easy pass through the pulley. The large sheave also allows the pulley to...
8,603.00 ฿

Hitch Climber Pulley

The DMM Triple Attachment Pulley combines the high efficiency of our pulleys with a small three hole rigging plate to give an extremely versatile piece of equipment. It can obviously...
2,074.00 ฿

Pinto Pulley Spacer

The DMM Pinto Spacer is designed for use together with the DMM Pinto pulley. It prevents the sideplates of the Pinto from being squeezed together when cordage is run through...
195.00 ฿

Hitch Climber Eccentric Pulley

The Hitch Climber Eccentric is an evolution of the classic Triple Attachment Pulley that became widely known as the ‘Hitch Climber’. The design improvements are the result of over a...
2,739.00 ฿

Machined Pulley, Single

The Rock Exotica Machined Pulley is designed as the perfect rope pulley. The side plates are manufactured from a solid block of 7075-T6 aluminum. They are CNC machined to remove...
2,829.00 ฿

Pinto Pulley

A beautifully designed pulley with smooth fixed parallel sides and a load bearing becket. The Pinto pulley can be clipped into a carabiner, used with a climbing hitch, or threaded...
1,724.00 ฿

Orbiter F Pulley

The Climbing Technology Orbiter F is a pulley with fixed side plates. The side plates are designed for prusik minding for use in an arborist climbing system or as a...
659.00 ฿

Eiger Pulley

Compatible with rope diameter: max 13mm (1/2") (MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength: 36kN (8093 lbf) Wheel material: Aluminium Finish: Anodised Pulley Type: Bushing Color: Red Weight: Single: 87g (3 ounces)
976.00 ฿

Phlotich Pulley

The ISC Phlotich Hitch-minding Pulley is designed for use in single rope technique (SRT) and double rope technique (DdRT) arborist climbing systems. Hitch-minding pulleys are used in arborist climbing systems...
2,106.00 ฿

Omni-Block 1.5in Swivel Pulley, Single

The patented Omni-Block Swivel Pulley has proven its value through the years as a unique tool. Normally a pulley has been used in conjunction with a carabiner(snap link) and a...
3,908.00 ฿