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Ceros Screwlock Carabiner

DMMs new directional connector, the Ceros, helps align loads in the correct orientation and is simple to use. This added security is achieved with a removable, tamper-resistant captive bar that...
1,028.00 ฿

Concept SGL HC Carabiner

The Climbing Technology Concept SGL HC is a hot-forged light alloy HMS screwgate carabiner. It is designed with an Anti-Cross Loading (ACL) system to prevent the carabiner from rotating when...
789.00 ฿

D-Shape Aluminum Screwlock Carabiner

D-shape light alloy carabiner with screwgate, conceived for use in mountaineering, hauling and rescue operations Directional shape that increases the strength and allows to orientate the load on the major...
458.00 ฿

D-Shape Stainless Screwlock Carabiner

The Climbing Technology D-Shape Stainless Steel Carabiner is available with either a 3-stage autolock or screw lock gate. It is ideal for use in off-shore operations, diving, work at height,...
678.00 ฿

Phantom HMS Screwlock Carabiner

An extremely compact, lightweight and yet strong, true HMS shape carabiner that is ideally suited to belaying and rigging. Use of an extra-short gate means it can take two clove...
763.00 ฿

Pillar SG Aluminum Screw-Lock Carabiner

Light alloy oval-shaped carabiner designed for mountaineering, aid climb, big wall, caving, and rescue operations. Main technical features: Oval shape for optimal positioning of pulleys and clamps; Particularly suited for...
465.00 ฿

Pillar Steel Screw-Lock Carabiner

Zinc-plated steel carabiner with screwgate, designed for lowering, working at height, industrial safety and rescue Great strength and durability, high work loads Ideal for lowering, working at height, hauling and...
403.00 ฿

Pirate HMS Screw-Lock Carabiner

The Pirate is Rock Exotica's HMS carabiner. HMS, also known as a pear-shape, is a carabiner shape originally designed for use with a Munter Hitch knot. HMS is an abreviation...
813.00 ฿

Revolver Rig, Screwlock

A connector with an integrated pulley sheave. It features a high efficiency roller bearing sheave(s), threaded removable captive bar and a full strength textile friendly becket. The uniquely profiled spine...
3,053.00 ฿

RockD Carabiner, Screwlock

The rockD is the carabiner of choice when seeking the highest strength in a standard-sized aluminum frame. The carabiner is designed in a 'D' shape. This shape moves the weight...
813.00 ฿

RockO Carabiner, Screw-lock

The Rock Exotica rockO aluminum carabiner is based on the traditional oval carabiner. The oval carabiner was the original carbiner design. The rockO carabiner uses this traditional shape but makes...
813.00 ฿