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Patron treeACCESS

Teufelberger Patron treeACCESS is a semi-static access rope with 11 mm in diameter, certified to EN 1891A. Thanks to its 32-plait cover of high quality polyamide, this semi-static rope is...
99.00 ฿ 86.00 ฿

Sewn Prusik Loop

Safer and more convenient than tied prusiks. Safer because there is no knot that could become loose. More convenient since there is no bulk of a knot. These are strong...
586.00 ฿

Sirius Reep Cord

Sirius accessory cord is well known as a classic prusik cord. It is soft and flexable allowing easy tying and untying of knots. The flexability makes it perfect for tying...
69.00 ฿

Resc Tech

Designed to be a lightweight and durable rescue rope, the RescTech aids tactical operations in rough, wet terrain. Thanks to its UHMWPE/Polypropylene blended core, the rope does not take in...
216.00 ฿

Ocean Polyester E2E

The cover of Ocean Polyester Eye-to-Eye(E2E) consists of braided polyester/aramid and its core of high quality polyester fibers. This blend of materials makes this e2e highly heat resistance. The stitched...
1,058.00 ฿

VT Prusik

BlueWater Ropes VT Prusik.This specialty design features super tough, heat resistant Technora aramid sheath over durable nylon core strands. The core in this kernmantle design keeps the VT from flattening...
1,071.00 ฿

Squir Rope, 11.5mm

Designed especially for SRT and/or use as an access line, we have re-developed our low stretch 32-strand 11.5mm diameter Squir rope with a more durable but still flexible sheath. Its...
122.00 ฿

tRex Rigging Line

The newest rope in TEUFELBERGER's rigging portfolio is the polyester rope tREX. It is a low-stretch hollow braid rope consisting of 12 strands. Thus, our tREX is specifically designed for...
144.00 ฿

Braided Safety Blue

Teufelberger Braided Safety Blue® trendsetter among 16-strand climbing ropes. It combines features that ensure unparalleled safety, ergonomics, and durability. The blue core of Braided Safety Blue® is exposed when the...
193.00 ฿ 147.00 ฿

Phoenix Sewn Hitch, 8mm

The Courant Phoenix sewn eye lanyard is specially designed to withstand heat and abrasion. It is ideal for tying a Prusik knot and commonly used arborist hitches. The Phoenix lanyard...
943.00 ฿

Acculine Throwline

Notch 2.2mm Acculine Throwline is a high strength, durable throwline made with Dyneema® fiber. This high-tech fiber isn't just strong - it's also low stretch and lightweight. The urethane coating...
1,294.00 ฿

EdgeBot Edge Roller

The Edgebot is an ultra compact, high efficiency edge protection roller perfect for protecting moving ropes in a work at height, rope access, or rope rescue environment. It is uniquely...
4,276.00 ฿