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Finch Positioning Lanyard

The Climbing Technology Finch is a positioning lanyard that is adjustable, compact, and easy to use. It is available in three different lengths (2, 3 and 5 m) without terminal...
3,096.00 ฿

Finch+ Multipurpose Lanyard

The Climbing Technology Finch+ is a multipurpose lanyard for working at height. It is certified for use as an adjustable EN 358 work positioning lanyard, EN 795-B temporary anchor device,...
4,510.00 ฿

Dynamix Lanyard

High strength safety lanyard made from 11mm dynamic rope. Characteristics: Dynamic rope acts as energy absorber for short falls. Ends terminated with eyelets with thimbles and double-layer stitching; Maximum load...
583.00 ฿

Ypsilon Lanyard

The Ypsilon is an asymmetric sling designed as dual length positioning system (30 cm and 60 cm). Main characteristics: Ideal for ascending/descending on ropes and passing intermediate anchor points; Equipped...
601.00 ฿

Extraction/Personal Retention Lanyard

For use as a personal retention and extraction lanyard. Designed to girth hitch to users harness and connect to extraction point via unique aluminum snap hook. Built with mil spec....
2,879.00 ฿

Flex ABS 140 Combi Y Lanyard

The Flex ABS 140 Combi is a compact and lightweight fall arrest lanyards equipped with energy absorbers, high-elastic arms and BIG terminal connectors. Main characteristics: Innovative SLIDER (Patent Pending) energy...
5,495.00 ฿