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2AA Propolymer Dualie Flashlight

The Dualie® 2AA is an intrinsically safe, high performance, 2 AA battery powered dual function LED flashlight. The flashlight features a forward facing LED spot beam and a side facing...
1,618.00 ฿

ATEX Survivor Flashlight

The Streamlight ATEX Survivor is an intrinsically safe lightweight hand-held flashlight with a right angle head designed for use in hazardous locations. The light is perfect for fire fighter use...
3,837.00 ฿

Bandit Headlamp

The Streamlight Bandit USB headlamp is an ultralight weight weather resistant personal work light. It features a large button for easy actuation and a lithium polymer rechargeable battery. It is...
1,177.00 ฿

Bandit Pro Headlamp

The Bandit Pro is a long-running, sleek headlamp that is USB rechargeable and provides 180 lumens of diffused light that is ideal for up-close tasks. Runs up to 21 hours...
1,435.00 ฿

Enduro Pro ATEX Headlamp

A low-profile, Zone 0 rated headlamp. Three lighting modes cover a variety of tasks: spot for a focused beam, flood for soft area illumination that won’t tire your eyes and...
1,695.00 ฿

Enduro Pro Headlamp

The Enduro Pro is a low-profile multi-function headlamp with high performance. Three lighting modes to cover a variety of tasks: spot beam for a focused beam, flood for soft area...
1,303.00 ฿

Flipmate Light

Inspect, identify and repair with the super-compact Flipmate. It produces bright white light for everyday use or high CRI light with Streamlight’s Color-Rite Technology™ to identify color differences in paint...
3,867.00 ฿

Jr Reach Penlight

The Streamlight Jr Reach is an ultra-compact lightweight flashlight with the head attached to the body with a flexible cable protected by a durable silicone coating. The Jr Reach features...
2,250.00 ฿

KeyMate USB Keychain Light

Bring 35 lumens to your workspace with this unique area light. Turn it on and leave it on during power outages, while you work, or go for a run. Long...
898.00 ฿

MicroStream Flashlight

The MiccoStream high-powered LED personal flashlight features Proprietary Micro Optical Systems with "Battery-Booster" electronics to provide a super-bright beam. Proprietary Micro Optical System (MOS), for optimized output and runtime Up...
962.00 ฿

Microstream USB Flashlight

The popular Streamlight MicroStream is now available in a rechargeable model. Ultra-compact, this personal light, which fits in the palm of your hand or comfortably in your pocket, provides unparalleled...
1,587.00 ฿

Nano Light Keychain Light

Truly tiny, the Nanolight® is a weatherproof, personal flashlight featuring a 100,000 hour life LED. Includes a non-rotating snap hook for easy one handed operation when attached to a keychain....
199.00 ฿