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Sidewinder Compact II w/ Helmet Strap

The Sidewinder Compact II accepts multiple power sources: one CR123A lithium battery, one AA lithium battery or one AA alkaline battery to provide ultimate flexibility in the field. The same...
4,460.00 ฿

Bandit Pro Headlamp

The Bandit Pro is a long-running, sleek headlamp that is USB rechargeable and provides 180 lumens of diffused light that is ideal for up-close tasks. Runs up to 21 hours...
1,435.00 ฿

Bandit Headlamp

The Streamlight Bandit USB headlamp is an ultralight weight weather resistant personal work light. It features a large button for easy actuation and a lithium polymer rechargeable battery. It is...
1,177.00 ฿

Enduro Pro Headlamp

The Enduro Pro is a low-profile multi-function headlamp with high performance. Three lighting modes to cover a variety of tasks: spot beam for a focused beam, flood for soft area...
1,303.00 ฿

Trident HAZ-LO ATEX AAA Headlamp

When you need a Div. 1 headlamp that provides you with the broadest range of lighting applications, the Trident HAZ-LO Headlamp provides a good mix of light for both distance...
2,078.00 ฿

Enduro Pro ATEX Headlamp

A low-profile, Zone 0 rated headlamp. Three lighting modes cover a variety of tasks: spot for a focused beam, flood for soft area illumination that won’t tire your eyes and...
1,695.00 ฿

Vantage 180 X USB Helmet Light

The Streamlight Vantage 180 X USB is a lightweight and compact helmet light designed to attach either above or below the brim on an industrial, rescue, or fire helmet. The...
4,789.00 ฿

Protac HL USB Headlamp

The HL® Series now has a hands-free, USB rechargeable lighting solution! When your task requires both hands and a bright light with a wide flood beam, reach for the ProTac...
4,736.00 ฿