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A-B Descender

The New model A-B Descender has an improved Cam design for greater control and a smoother descent. Other design features include: Large Top Bobbin- improves rope retention for greater ease...
6,325.00 ฿

D4 Pro Descender

The standard D4 Work/Rescue Descender (RP880) has proven to be a popular Descender amongst Rope Access & Rescue users, all over the world. Many users value the extra peace of...
8,070.00 ฿

Sparrow 200R Descender

Self-braking descender for work on ropes which allows the operator to lower himself on the working line, to position himself on the working line and to climb back up it....
6,025.00 ฿

Taz Lov3

Imagined, desgined, manufactured to meet the needs and requirements of all work-at-height professionals, LOV3 is a fall arrest and descender device which operates on normal vertical ropes or tensioned and...
8,341.00 ฿