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1.5 Inch Uniform Rappel Belt

Same as the Yates standard Uniform Rappel belt sewn with camlock waist buckle in a narrower 1.5 inch version for pants with smaller belt loops. The belt has a front...
1,849.00 ฿

Air Top Chest Harness

Detachable chest harness that, combined with the Ascent Pro waist harness, becomes a EN 361 rescue harness (mod. AIR ASCENT), ideal for use in hostile environments or with difficult access....
2,828.00 ฿

Alp Tec 2 QR Harness

Ergonomic sit harness designed for work positioning and suspension. Equipped with two lateral attachment points and one ventral attachment point. Combined with the Climbing Technology ALP TOP-2 shoulder harness, it...
6,551.00 ฿

Ascent Pro Harness

New rescue harness for use in hostile environments or with difficult access. Main characteristics: Padding made from quick-drying breathable mesh. Robust ergonomic structure which ensures optimal lumbar support. Four adjustment...
3,040.00 ฿

Pronto Evac Harness

The CMC Pronto Evac Harness was designed for fast patient self-evacuation and for victim rescue. The harness attaches quickly and securely no matter how or where positioned. The colored web...
7,249.00 ฿

Sentinel Saddle

The climbing experts at Notch set out to create the most user-friendly harness on the market and created the Notch Sentinel Saddle. The Sentinel provides all of the features a...
17,770.00 ฿

Treemotion EVO Harness

The treeMOTION evo is Teufelbergers top climbing harness for all arborists with multiple bridge variations changed out as required. The combination of the new versatile performance features with the comfort...