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Figure 9 Anti-Twist Descender

On the RP130 Figure 9 Descender the attachment eye is set a 90 degrees to the rest of the unit. This means that the device remains correctly positioned (without twisting)...
1,899.00 ฿

MiniEight Descender

The Rock Exotica MiniEight descender features side ears that let you easily adjust friction and accommodate a wide range of rope sizes. The small size makes it a perfect choice...
1,671.00 ฿

Otto Big Figure 8 Descender

The Otto Big is an traditional shaped figure 8 descender for rock climbing and sport and any other activity where a basic rappelling or lowering device is needed. Originally designed...
464.00 ฿

Otto Curved Figure 8

Otto Curved Figure 8, hot-forged light alloy 8-shaped belay / rappel device. For use with single rope, half ropes and twin ropes. The squared shape reduces rope twisting and the...
410.00 ฿

Otto Rescue 8

Classic rappel device ideal for work and rescue operations. For use with ropes 9 - 16 mm. Equipped with two ears that allows making a single or double wrapped braking....
1,028.00 ฿

Otto Stainless Rescue 8

The Otto Rescue 8 is a large stainless steel rescue 8 (figure 8 with ears) suitable for personal abseiling, rope rescue and tactical use. The large size makes it easy...
2,070.00 ฿

Rescue 8

The Rock Exotica Rescue Eight is a traditional style figure eight with side ears. The Rock Exotica Rescue Eight is machined from a solid 6061 T6 aluminum block. A CNC...
1,682.00 ฿

Totem Descender

The Rock Exotica Totem was designed to be the most versatile rigging and rappelling tool available. It can function as a rigging plate, an easy-to-lock-off figure 8, sticht plate, auto-blocking...
1,827.00 ฿