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Phoenix Sewn Hitch, 8mm

The Courant Phoenix sewn eye lanyard is specially designed to withstand heat and abrasion. It is ideal for tying a Prusik knot and commonly used arborist hitches. The Phoenix lanyard...
995.00 ฿

Squir Rope, 11.5mm

Designed especially for SRT and/or use as an access line, we have re-developed our low stretch 32-strand 11.5mm diameter Squir rope with a more durable but still flexible sheath. Its...
122.00 ฿

Honos Tool Holder, Large

<p>The Courant HONOS is a lightweight polymer tool holder. It fits on most harnesses with accessory attachment points. The large version of the HONOS fits items with bigger handles and...
646.00 ฿

Pop Line Throwline Bag

Bag for storage of throw lines; It also renders its use easier. Thanks to a system of quick buckles, it folds and unfolds very easily. The cover opens in a...
1,562.00 ฿

Ellipse Prusik

The Ellipse Rope Sling is a bound loop prusik cord suitable for tying friction hitches and anchor slings for rope rescue and rope access work. The sheath of the Ellipse...
617.00 ฿

Odin Stainless Steel Connector

The Odin is made from high resistant stainless steel. It is a versatile connector, facilitating numerous setups and configurations. It opens like a normal carabiner but in a sideways direction,...
1,044.00 ฿

Rebel Rope, 11mm

Standard: EN 1891:1998 Type A Material: Polyamide/Polyester Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 3300 daN Mass: 88 g/m Percentage of sheath: 41% Percentage of core: 59% Elongation 50/150 kg: 2.5% Knotability: 1.18...
119.00 ฿

Honos Tool Holder, Small

The Courant HONOS is a lightweight polymer tool holder. It fits on most harnesses with accessory attachment points. The small version of the HONOS features a lower profile for when...
298.00 ฿

Host Rope Bag

Bag designed for the carrying and storage of ropes. It can store 60 m of semi-static rope and 45m of 12 mm climbing rope. The ropes can even be stored...
2,735.00 ฿

Cross Rope Bag

The Cross Rope bag is a new concept in bags. Its size adapts to the volume of the packed rope. You can wear it on your back (classic and comfortable...
3,767.00 ฿

Synchro Friction Saver

The Courant Syncro Friction Saver is a webbing cambium saver designed to prevent damage to a tree while installing a high anchor point. The wide rigid webbing helps to avoid...
2,288.00 ฿

Extrema Rope, 11mm

Construction: 32-strand sheath with X-Braid core Standard: EN 1891:1998 Type A Material: Polyamide Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 33.5 kN Mass: 74 g/m Percentage of sheath: 39% Percentage of core: 61%...
106.00 ฿