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Axis HMS Carabiner

Large HMS carabiner with wide opening and locking gate, made of hot-forged light alloy, designed for use in mountaineering, recovery manoeuvres and rescue operations. Main characteristics: Shape guarantees correct axial...
710.00 ฿

Aerial Pro B HC Carabiner

The Aerial Pro B HC is a hot forged light alloy carabiner. It has a special wear-proof hard coat anodizing to make it incredibly durable. It is ideal for prolonged...
415.00 ฿

Ultra O Carabiner

The DMM Ultra O is a symmetrical carabiner ideal for use with descenders, pulleys, swivels and shackles. The Ultra O's shape allows devices to self-centre under load with minimal movement...
871.00 ฿

XL-D TG Carabiner

The Climbing Technology XL-D TG is a light-alloy hot-forged connector with large capacity base and triple action autolocking gate. It is ideal for the connection of multiple devices. Main characteristics:...
758.00 ฿

Pirate HMS Autolock Carabiner

The Pirate is Rock Exotica's HMS carabiner. HMS, also known as a pear-shape, is a carabiner shape originally designed for use with a Munter Hitch knot. HMS is an abreviation...
849.00 ฿

Pillar Pro TGL Carabiner

The Climbing Technology Pillar TGL is a hot-forged light alloy carabiner with an oval shape, screw gate and elevated workloads. The carabiner is particularly suitable for recovery and rescue operations,...
715.00 ฿

Pillar Pro TG Autolock Carabiner

Hot-forged light alloy carabiner with an oval shape, triplex gate and elevated workloads. Particularly suitable for recovery and rescue operations, mountaineering, speleology, aid climbing and big wall. Main characteristics: Oval...
644.00 ฿

Ceros Screwlock Carabiner

DMMs new directional connector, the Ceros, helps align loads in the correct orientation and is simple to use. This added security is achieved with a removable, tamper-resistant captive bar that...
929.00 ฿

Phantom HMS Screwlock Carabiner

An extremely compact, lightweight and yet strong, true HMS shape carabiner that is ideally suited to belaying and rigging. Use of an extra-short gate means it can take two clove...
654.00 ฿

Concept SGL HC Carabiner

The Climbing Technology Concept SGL HC is a hot-forged light alloy HMS screwgate carabiner. It is designed with an Anti-Cross Loading (ACL) system to prevent the carabiner from rotating when...
634.00 ฿

Big Snaphook Scaffold Hook

The Climbing Technology Big is a large sized light alloy directional snap hook. It is ideal as a terminal connector for lanyards. The Big uses a two stage locking mechanism...
1,394.00 ฿

Boa 30kN Carabiner

The Locksafe version is our most popular connector in treecare applications due to it’s amazing versatility and the new ANSI compliant barrel mechanism gives greatly increased gate push in strengths...
1,067.00 ฿