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Alpine Up Belay Device

ALPINE UP is the most complete and versatile belay / rappel device ever produced. It has been developed especially for mountaineering and it can be used with half, twin and...
3,079.00 ฿

Crocodile Belay Device

The Crocodile is a multipurpose rappel/belay device made from a hot forged light alloy for rock climbing and sport use. It is ideal as a rappel device or for use...
368.00 ฿

Delta V Guiding And Rescue Tool

Conterra designed the ∆V (Delta Vee) for the mountain rescue and sport communities. The ∆V is a unique device which functions as a traditional belay (descender) but also has rope...
2,746.00 ฿

Groove Belay Device

The Climbing Technology Groove is a multipurpose hot-forged light alloy belay / rappel device. Designed for belay of the seconding climbers; Has two holes, the upper one for belay and...
512.00 ฿

Mantis Belay

High performance belay device Two friction modes for varying applications Super lightweight at 45g Compatible with ropes from 7.3mm to 11mm Three colourways (BLT, Orange, Purple)
950.00 ฿

Totem Descender

The Rock Exotica Totem was designed to be the most versatile rigging and rappelling tool available. It can function as a rigging plate, an easy-to-lock-off figure 8, sticht plate, auto-blocking...
1,827.00 ฿