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Quick Up+ Handled Ascender

Left or right-hand light alloy ascender handle with ergonomic rubber grip for climbing ropes. Main characteristics: Overmolded, ergonomic handle ascender designed for greater efficiency when pulling and increased resistence to...
1,960.00 ฿

Quick Step-A Foot Ascender

The Quick Step-A Foot Ascender is used in combination with Chest Ascender, Quick Up or Quick Arbor, and makes it easier and faster to ascentd rope. Ideal for tree climbing...
1,902.00 ฿

Ascender+ Chest Ascender

Light alloy chest ascender for climbing up ropes. Main characteristics: Shape of the hole in the opening lever designed for use even when wearing gloves. Lower hole design so that...
1,714.00 ฿

Ninja Foot Ascender

Climbing rope has never been easier. The Ninja™ foot ascender from Harken Industrial™ is lightweight and durable. The housing is aluminum and the ropeholding dual cams are stainless steel. Foot...
2,966.00 ฿

QuickArbor H Ascender

Innovative double-handle ascender developed for arborist tree climbing. New reinforced “V shape” structure for increate robustness; Working load increased to 140 kg. Other characteristics: Top protection cover to stop branches...
3,527.00 ฿

Etrier Foot Steps

Lightweight etrier with 4 steps, suitable for ascending the rope in combination with an ascender handle (e.g. QUICKUP+ or QUICK’ARBOR H). Main Characteristics Equipped with four contoured steps for easy...
1,328.00 ฿

Foot Loop

Adjustable foot loop, made of robust polyamide, ideal for ascending the rope in mountaineering, caving and artificial climbing. Steel buckle for rapid length adjustment. Contoured foot step, for easy insertion...
883.00 ฿

Ascender Simple+

Multi-use light-alloy right-hand rope ascender for climbing ropes or as a clamp for hauling/rescue. Main characteristics: Cam opening lever usable with one hand. The patented system for unlocking the cam...
1,758.00 ฿

SAKA Knee Ascender

The fastest, lightest, most efficient and responsive knee ascender on the market. Patent pending double bungee configuration, makes for strong, fast and responsive ascender advancement. Made from durable quality materials,...
6,632.00 ฿

Quick Roll Ascender

Innovative ascender handle with integrated pulley to be used together with auto-blocking descender (e.g. SPARROW). Much more effective and less clumsy than the traditional ascending handles with their additional connector:...
3,557.00 ฿