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Boa 30kN Carabiner

The Locksafe version is our most popular connector in treecare applications due to it’s amazing versatility and the new ANSI compliant barrel mechanism gives greatly increased gate push in strengths...
1,183.00 ฿

RockD Stainless ANSI Carabiner

The Rock Exotica rockD ANSI Stainless carabiner is the right choice for a strong compact carabiner that is tough enough for the harshest of environments. The narrow, asymmetric "D" shape...
2,196.00 ฿

Sidewinder Swivel Carabiner

The DMM Sidewinder is a directional connector with an integral swivel. Essential in applications when there is a need to manage spin, rotate the load relative to the anchor or...
1,884.00 ฿