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Loop Ankor Strap

The Loop Ankor anchor strap is a durable webbing loop made from polyamide for use in quickly anchoring a rope rescue or work at height system around an object. The...
228.00 ฿

Aluminum O-Ring

The ISC Aluminum O-Ring is a general purpose o-ring designed for a wide range of rigging uses. Body material: Aluminium Finish: Anodised Colour: Silver (MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength 25kN (5620...
184.00 ฿

Falcon Throw Bag

Compact throw bag ideal for the manual throwing. Equipped with an upper small metal ring and a lower sling loop The upper ring is small sized in order to avoid...
726.00 ฿

Cheese Anchor Plate, Small

A multi-anchor rigging plate made of hot forged light alloy with 3 lower holes. Breaking strength: 30 kN Upper central hole suitable for insertion of up to 3 connectors Size:...
751.00 ฿

Bat Plate, X-Small

Features Four sizes for all rigging configurations - X-Small, Small, Medium and Large Textile friendly surfaces with large radii Centralised connection point for stable rescuer attachment CNC machined from high...
1,280.00 ฿

Focus Rigging Plate

The Conterra Focus Rigging Plate is a 40kN plate which is designed to maintain it's strength in any direction of pull. The design allows it to be orientated based on...
1,927.00 ฿

Dynatec 11mm Dyneema Sling

DMMs 11mm Dynatec slings have several advantages over traditional nylon webbing. It has a higher strength-to-weight ratio, is less susceptible to UV degradation and has greater abrasion resistance. This makes...
336.00 ฿

Retrieval Cone

The retrieval cone is designed to allow for the easy retieval of a false crotch (cambium saver) placed in a tree. The design allows it to work with most common...
233.00 ฿

TriRig Anchor Plate

The lightest high performance 3 hole rigplate. Weighs less than a locking carabiner. Specification Weight: 1.8 oz (51 gm) MBS: 36 kN Height: 2.8” (72 mm) Width: 3.3” (84 mm)...
1,172.00 ฿

Pop Line Throwline Bag

Bag for storage of throw lines; It also renders its use easier. Thanks to a system of quick buckles, it folds and unfolds very easily. The cover opens in a...
1,562.00 ฿

Steel O-Ring

Large steel O-Ring for use as part of a rigging system, anchor plate, or as a tree climbing system component. It is useful whereever a high strength attachment point is...
309.00 ฿

Cheese Anchor Plate, Large

CE Certification: Testing performed by an independant lab to ensure the product meets the appropriate specification. Hot Forged: Hot forged construction to maximum strength while minimizing weight Subdued Color: Available...
1,622.00 ฿