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Dynatec 11mm Dyneema Sling

DMMs 11mm Dynatec slings have several advantages over traditional nylon webbing. It has a higher strength-to-weight ratio, is less susceptible to UV degradation and has greater abrasion resistance. This makes...
336.00 ฿

Loop Ankor Strap

The Climbing Technology Loop Ankor anchor strap is a durable webbing loop made from polyamide for use in quickly anchoring a rope system around an object. The different lengths have...
228.00 ฿

Retrieval Cone

The retrieval cone is designed to allow for the easy retieval of a false crotch (cambium saver) placed in a tree. The design allows it to work with most common...
233.00 ฿

Synchro Friction Saver

The Courant Syncro Friction Saver is a webbing cambium saver designed to prevent damage to a tree while installing a high anchor point. The wide rigid webbing helps to avoid...
2,169.00 ฿